Fixing the Windows Explorer crash or freeze in Windows 7!

Fix Windows Explorer crash

If you are a victim of Windows Explorer crashing issue, then you are at the right place. Here in this blog, you will learn the different methods to deal with the Windows explorer crashing issue in windows 7 system.

The freezing and crashing of the Windows Explorer is quite very common for Windows 7 users but maybe for many other operating systems. If you have not tried anything with the system to tackle this problem then you have to first;

Disable Acronis: If you are facing problems with the Windows Explorer in every one or two days. Then you can fix it by disabling the Acronis True image and fix the problem. If the Acronis is installed on the computer then you need to disable the same and then follow the below-given methods.

Symptoms: The computer may freeze and tries to display things but you can’t click on it or see then you have to exit from it and restart it to load again.

If you want to fix this issue then follow the below-given solutions one by one:

Firstly and foremost you need to ensure that your Windows is up to date and all the Windows Updates have been installed.

Then next you have to scan the computer for a search of the malware or malicious virus. If you bought new Windows 7 PC or laptop and have some pre-installed craplets that starts to interfere with the explorer.exe remove it by de-crapifing the machine.

Then disable the thumbnails and see if it fixes the problems. To do so you need to open the Folder Options > and then View tab > then Check on the Always show icons, never thumbnails. And also remove the check for the option to display file icon on the thumbnails and click on Apply or Ok button to apply these.

Disable the DEP or NoExecute Protection: The DEP or Data Prevention is a security feature that helps you to prevent your computer from viruses and other security threats. The harmful programs may try to attack the Windows by attempting to run or execute code from the system memory location that are reserved for Windows and other authorized programs.

These types of attacks can harm the programs and files. DEP helps you to protect your computer from these programs by monitoring the programs and make sure that they use the system safely.  If it notices a program that makes use of computer incorrectly then it closes the program and notifies you about it.

Then launch the folder windows in a separate process and see if it helps you. To do this you need to first, open the Explorer and click on the Organize > then go to Folder and Search Options > here click on View > in the Advanced Settings > check the “Launch folder window in a separate process” > and to apply it click on OK button.

Usually Installed Add-ons are the culprit and may lead the Explorer to crash. To check whether you have installed any helper or add-ons to your explorer. Then you need to uninstall or disable them.

If there is a lot of Add-ons installed on you Internet Explorer then go to the Advanced Tab and click on the Reset tab and restart your Internet Explorer. This Reset Internet Explorer option helps you to delete all the temporary files, plug-ins, any add-ons, toolbar and reset all the changed setting to default.

This quick fix helps you to reinstall all your add-ons. There is good chance that whatever you install it gets added on the “Shell Extension” which may lead to cause crashing problems. If you have even clicked on the file or folder and saw the extra program that have specific options such as WinZip or CCleaner that is a shell extension. Then you need to isolate and remove that shell extension. You can use this program to fix all the problems that you face with your Internet Explorer.


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