How to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer ?

Find WPS Pin on HP Printer

You should know what is WPS pin is before you try to figure out where the WPS pin is located on HP Printer? In technical terms, “Wi-Fi Safe System” is the acronym. The application is used to connect a router to wireless printers in a safe and secure manner. You can easily find it on the HP Printer.

Find WPS Pin on HP Printer

The technology was developed so that users could print documents from any corner of the world. The WPS offers features such as using a single WPS pin code, you can print wirelessly at any time. This pin is used to connect your computer through a wired or wireless network so you can easily do the printing job. If you can’t do it yourself, you can take advantage of the HP Printer assistant.

Where is the WPS pin located on my HP Printer?

If you’re troubled by the above problem, and you can’t find the WPS pin on HP Printer, then you can try to find it on the router. This can be found either written on the bottom or on its side. Once you find it you can use it to connect any computer to your printer.


If you attempt to attach your printer, a prompt will normally appear on your computer, asking you to enter the WPS code. The password that appears on your computer when your printer connects to WPS is time-sensitive. It only remains shown on most of the HP Printer model for around a minute or so. You will use HP Print and Scan Doctor to get help with HP Printer’s WPS.

How to connect your HP Printer using the WPS Pin?

WPS Pin on HP Printer

To perform the task of attaching your HP Printer using WPS Pin, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your HP Printer Control Panel. Here you have to hit the “Wireless” button, then the “Settings” button.
  2. Next, you have to reach the WPS and fill in the following directions.
  3. Here you will be prompted with the option “Press” that you must touch.
  4. The WPS Pin will show up on your screen when you do so.
  5. After that, insert the pin in the space given
  6. Once the setup is done, you can install and connect your HP printer driver easily and start your printing job.

HP Number for further assistance

You may request HP Help at any time for more detail about the WPS pin, or how to find it. All the details concerning your HP Printer related queries can be found here. The technicians in the HP systems are available 24 * 7 to assist you with the best possible solutions for any question. Only visit the official support page or dial the helpline number on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WPS on a printer?

To link printers to the Wi-Fi network or access point, the WPS on a printer is a very simple and fast process. Typically you only need to click the WPS printer button on the printer when operating with it and then the router does not take more than 2 minutes to connect the two machines.

Where is the WPS PIN on my HP Deskjet 3630 printer?

You must go to the “Control Panel” on your HP Printer to locate WPS button, and then go to the “Settings” option. Tap on the Wi-Fi setup and follow the on-screen prompts. You must join the Pin now and tap on this button. This will show you the on-screen WPS button.

How Do I Connect To Wi-Fi Using WPS PIN?

You need a router to attach to the WPS pin which supports the WPS button feature. Just visit the Configuration page for the Router and go to the “Settings” option. Go to the WPS menu and then turn on the WI-Fi for your phone and go to the advanced settings and search for the WPS Pin option to enter. Tap the WPS button, and obey the prompts on the screen.

Do all routers have a WPS button?

No, there is no WPS-button for all routers. You can see the WPS button located either on the back side of your Linksys device or in the front panel. Some wireless routers may not possess a WPS feature. For this, the detailed features of your Wi-Fi router need to be referenced to your product documentation.

How Many Digits Is A WPS PIN?

The pin of the WPS has just 8 digits. The WPS only requires a user to enter this 8-digit PIN on the client computer which the access points check. If the AP accepts the PIN, it will send the WPA PSK and the client computer will be able to connect to the network.

Where is the WIFI password on an HP printer?

If you’re looking for WI-Fi passwords, just right-click your Wi-Fi network ‘s name and then tap the “Status” button. Following this click on the option “Wireless Estate.” To view the Wi-Fi password, tap on the “Security” button and select the “Show Character” box.

Should my WPS light be on?

If the WPS light is On or Off, there is nothing to think about. Don’t think this isn’t working if the WPS is Off. If linked to some other network or computer the WPS will light up. And the light will go off before you connect with some other device using WPS.

Where is the WPS button on my phone?

You must use the remote control provided to locate and use the WPS button on your android phones, then press the “Home” option and then tap the “Settings” option. Go to the Network device screen, and tap Wi-Fi. Select the option “Attach” and press the router’s WPS button.

What does WPS stand for?                 

The WPS portal is known as secure Wi-Fi setup. It is a wireless network security standard which seeks to link a wireless device to a router. The WPS only works for wireless networks that use encrypted WPA passwords and WPA2 security portals.

Is WPS secure?

The WPS setup is shaky. The strong password WPA2 is a safe one till you disable the protected Wi-Fi setup. Your router will support the WPS, and by default it will become activated. Unlike the UPnP, this too is an unstable feature that makes you vulnerable to attacks to devise or network.

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