How to fix HP Printer Error 59.F0 ?

Guide to Fix HP Printer Error Code 59.F0 Online

HP printer Error code 59.F0 indicates an internal motor problem. Normally it is caused by a failure of transition alienation. The ITB is trapped and is unable to rotate in this situation. The problem with the SR9 sensor may be another explanation. The primary transfer-roller-disengagement sensor, which is also known as Sensor K, is the SR9 sensor. Is there an error called hp printer error 59.F0 ?

Here, we will be sharing the hp error 59.F0 solution for fix and the causes behind this error and how to fix HP Error code 59.F0.

HP Printer Error 59.F0

What is HP Printer Error 59.F0 ?

This error arises when there is an issue with the printer’s internal motor. Failure of transition alienation is the key reason behind this mistake. Failure of transition alienation implies a condition in which the ITB is trapped and does not rotate. The problem with the SR9 sensor is another potential explanation behind the hp 59.F0 printer error. In the transfer-roller-disengagement sensor that is otherwise referred to as Sensor K, this sensor plays a primary function. Try the easiest technique to solve the problem before doing any serious repairing. It can be solved if you are fortunate enough; otherwise, you would have to opt for more difficult procedures.


Method 1: Printer reset:

  • Reset settings for the printer.
  • Disable the Protector for Surges

If the concerns remain unresolved, then move on to the next approach.

Method 2: ITB reset:

  • The ITB is reset
  • ITB’s internal connections, such as the link between ITB and a transfer-roller-disconnection sensor located at connector J19, and the connection between ITB and DC controller PCA, are now tested, too known as connector J128.

Method 3: And also Test the ITB:

  • If the error still remains, then you can fully delete the ITB and then manually test the ITB gear and the flag. How will this be done?
  • When turning the white gear, rotate the gear and check for any fluctuation in the flag.
  • It’s high time to repair the ITB if the flag is found to be damaged.
  • But what if it fits perfectly with the flag and ITB gear? Test the SR9 Sensor. For this, in order to do the Manual Sensor test, you will have to follow the following steps.
  • Locate the Sensor SR9 located within the ITB cavity, detach the ITB gear and browse the control panel.
  • In order to highlight the diagnostics menu, click the ‘Home’ button and press the down arrow.
  • Click the OK button and pick the Manual Sensor Test and click OK.
  • Inside the ITB cavity, check and release the SR9 flag and, when you press the flag, check the monitor for the sensor response. The sensor is expected to turn between 0 and 1. If the toggle does not work, you need to replace the sensor.

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Method 4: Contact for Technical Help to resolve hp error code 59.F0

HP Printer support

If all the previous methods fail, then you are left with only this alternative. Contact the service for customer care to fix HP Error code 59.F0. HP has an exceptional team of highly trained specialists who are able to rapidly identify the issue and make the required corrections. They are always ready to face and provide suitable solutions to every technical query you have. There are several phone lines that you can use to contact them, or if you want to attach photographs or videos of the problem, you can also email them so that the matter is very clear to them.