How to Resolve HP Printer Error Code 20 (Printer Not Activated)?

Printer Error Code 20 in HP printer which signifies that “Printer Not Activated, displayed usually on computer while printing. It is suggested by HP printer technical support experts that before proceeding to solution, they are requested to verify if printer is working fine? This can be performed easily by printing a self-test page and verifying that USB connectivity from printer to computer is well maintained.

Cause of “Error Code 20” in HP Printer

Printer Error Code 20 may be reason where wrong printer is set-up as a default printer and printer driver is missing, or if there are few conflicts found in device manager.

Steps to Rectify HP Printer Error Code 20

Step 1:

It is Essential Printer is set as a Default Printer

  • Click on “Start: button and then click on “Printers and Faxes” icon to open Printers folder.
  • If it is found that desired printer icon is missing, then a user’s is requested to proceed to go to Step two.
  • Make sure that desired printer has a proper check mark which should be located next to it indicating that it is set as a default printer.
  • If desired printer does not have a prominent check mark, then just right-click on printer icon and then click on “Set as Default Printer” icon.
  • Tap on printer icon, and click on “Print Test Page to print a Windows self-test” page.
  • If your Windows test page prints successfully, it is suggested by HP printer tech support to close all windows and try printing again from application what they were using before.
  • If Windows test-page is not print yet, then go to Step two.

Step 2:

Re-Installation of USB Composite Device from Device Manager

  • Click on “Start’ menu and then tap on “Run” button.
  • Type “devmgmt.msc” command directly in Run window and then press “Enter to open Device Manager Window” icon.
  • Click on “(+)’ which is located just next to “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”.
  • Right click on “USB Composite Device” and then click on “Uninstall” button. Click on OK.
  • Disconnecting of USB cable directly from computer and then reconnecting it required.
  • Follow all instructions in “Found New Hardware wizard” to easily install drivers.
  • Right-click on printer icon, and then tap on “Print Test Page” to easily print a Windows self-test page.
  • Close all windows and then try to print from application which you were using before.

Step 3:

Reinstallation of HP Software

  • If all the above steps do not work for your problems, please uninstall and then reinstall HP software carefully.

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