How to Fix HP Printer Error Code e4 ?

Fix HP Printer Error Code e4

We fear those days when the printer suddenly stops and demonstrates mistakes in the midst of printing an significant project. The coded mistakes can really helplessly drive anyone. DIY techniques for troubleshooting are a blessing in such a scenario. We want to enable you to solve the error-hp printer error e4 with these techniques in this post.

Let’s first know why this mistake is popping up. By knowing the reasons we can handle the mistake better. So, here are some reasons why this error is shown by your printer:

  • Jammed paper in your printer’s input cabinet.
  • Jammed your printer’s output tray paper.
  • Jammed paper in your printer’s cartridge region.
  • Under your printer, jammed paper.

HP Printer Error Code e4 troubleshooting:

Here are a few alternatives that can assist you fix the error. Please ensure that you follow the directions in the following order:

Solution 1: Do not panic and hurry into any action when the paper gets stuck in any print job. Follow these measures to fix the issue:

  • To prevent any printing work, first click the cancel button on your printer.
  • Remove the document from the input tray softly now. To prevent any paper tearing, you need to do this thoroughly. To do so, lift the sheet softly and apply comparable pressure from both hands on either side of the sheet.
  • If you discover any pieces of paper torn, remove them thoroughly as well.
  • Now reload the fresh paper input tray. Make sure they’re on the tray flat.

Note: Please make sure that you do not accidentally remove the try shield while removing any stuck paper. This shield is an significant component of your printer that protects it against foreign components such as dust and any other obstructions that influence the efficiency of your printer.

Solution 2: The jammed paper can be removed from the output cabinet as follows:

  • Press the cancel button to stop on your printer. Ideally, this step should solve the mistake. If the next steps are not followed then.
  • Remove the jammed paper from the production tray carefully and gently.
  • Gently break the sheet from both palms applying comparable pressure on both sides of the sheet.
  • Remove any torn pieces of paper from the output tray manually.
  • Use smooth fresh paper to reload the output tray and resume printing.

Solution 3: Try to clear the jammed paper in your printer’s cartridge region as follows:

  • Press the’ Cancel’ button to prevent any printing work.
  • Press the printer’s energy button to turn it off.
  • Hold the energy button to release any remaining load on the printer for a while.
  • Disconnect your printer from any USB wires.
  • On the back of your printer you will discover a energy cord. Unplug the cord.
  • Unplug the wall outlet energy cord as well.

Note: Before you access the internal components of your printer, please make sure you disconnect the power supply to your printer to prevent electrical shocks.

  • Close the extender of the output panel and move it to the printer.
  • Open the gate of the ink cartridge.
  • You’ll see the printed carriage on the printer’s correct side. If it isn’t, you can push it softly to the right.
  • Inspect the carriage region and remove any pieces of paper, foreign materials such as dust, ink blots, dried ink substances, etc.
  • Remove the output tray and connect the printer to the cable and USB wires.

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