How to Fix HP Photosmart 6520 Server Connection Error 403?

The chances of receiving Server Connection Error 403 in HP Photosmart 6520, when you are trying to scan to email, are due to problem Server communication error. Then don’t worry about it. In this blog, we will discuss you about scan to email server connection error 403, what causes it, and provides some methods on trying to fix it.

Server Connection Error 403 in HP Photosmart 6520 is generally coming, due to computer crash, run slowly, software not be opened, Printer shocking, No printing signal, a Dot matrix printer facility not recognized, Printer not printing, Printer was broken, PC collision, Operating system computer power off, Dot matrix printer loss, etc.

Causes of HP Photosmart 6520 Server Connection Error 403

  • Corrupt or damaged system files
  • Incomplete installation process of the Windows operating system
  • Incorrect registry entry
  • Might be your PC has come under a malware or virus attack
  • Might be miscommunication between the PC and the Windows Automatic Update service

Methods to Fix HP Photosmart 6520 Communication Error 403

Method 1:  Enable Auto Update

You should use the ePrint feature of your printer. Please follow these steps.

  • First, tap on the ePrint button that is located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Then you require going to “Settings” option, and then you see for “Remove Web Services” option.
  • Tap “Yes”, which should go back to the Home Screen.
  • Next, hit the “ePrint” button again and then “Accept the Terms”.
  • Then press “Yes” if you prompted to enable “Auto Update” option.
  • After complete the process, you should try scanning again.

Method 2: – Reset the Printer

  • Hard reset the HP printer.
  • Until the printer is turned on, you have required unplugging the power cord.
  • Then you should wait at least 28-30 seconds.
  • Next, plug the power back into the HP printer.
  • Now again test the scan to email.

Method 3: – Setting the Services

If the above process, doesn’t work, then try these steps, but before, ensure that the printer is plugged directly into a wall outlet and not a surge protector.

  • On your printer hit on the “Web Services” icon, this appears like a tablet with a phone beside it.
  • Then tap on “Settings”.
  • Click on “Remove Web Services” option.
  • Next, tap on the ‘Web Services” icon again.
  • Tap on “Setup” button and then “Yes”.

Method 4: – Setting Manual DNS Addresses

You should try to set manual DNS addresses, which will definitely help to solve the problem

  • First, you have to open the HP Photosmart 6520 icon and then hit on “Printer Home Page (EWS)”, which will show EWS.
  • Hit on “Network” tab, and then click on “Networking”
  • Tap on ‘Network Address (IP)” and then you have to need to set the “DNS Address Configuration” as Manual.
  • Then set the preferred address as
  • Set the Alternate address as and confirm the changes.
  • Then hit on “Settings” tab.
  • Next, you have to choose the correct “Country/Region”.

In this way, you can easily fix this HP Photosmart 6520 Server Connection Error 403.

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