How To Fix HP Laptop Error Code 601?

This is generally a battery error message which executes in HP laptops while users are working on it. The error clearly defines that your system has detected its storage capacity which signifies a quite low battery issues. It is always advised for users to get the optimal performance of the battery which further suggests them for an immediate replacement phase.  While you can easily see that the primary battery 601 error message is appearing, it clearly signifies that the measured storage capacity of the internal (primary) battery is less than 25% of its original storage capacity. To get more in depth about this error code, the number “601” denotes issues that are recorded in the system log. So, our talented team of expert professionals have discussed solutions to fix HP laptop Error Code 601 with appropriate explanations.

Solutions to Troubleshoot HP Laptop Error Code 601

Solution 1: Try out this solution to get rid of the issue

  • Turn off the computer first.
  • Now remove the battery from your device and un-plug its power cord directly from the laptop.
  • The next step is that a user is supposed to press and hold the power button for at-least 20 seconds.
  • Users are supposed to put back the laptop battery inside the device and then plug in the power cord.
  • Now try to turn on the laptop and check for any error if this issue still persists?
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Solution 2: If the above solution did not solve your problem then, try this second one

  • Shutdown the laptop device first.
  • Secondly, you are advised to remove the main battery and then boot your system.
  • Now check whether the issue still exist or not?

Solution 3: Try our third solution if still you are stuck in this issue. This will certainly solve your problem

  • In this solution, users are advised to perform the “Battery Test” process in the System Diagnostics by pressing the F2 environment and manage the battery for best performance.
  • Now, turn on the computer and then, immediately press the “esc key” to display the “Startup Menu”. Press the F2 key to select the “Battery Test option”.

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