How To Fix HP Stream Notebook Error Code 0xc0000225?

To begin with, error code 0xc0000225 means Windows is unable to find the System Files which is used for booting, it is also known as BCD (Boot Configuration Data). This means if your system files are corrupted or the disk file system comprises of a bad configuration, the 0xc0000225 error is evident. In addition to these, you can also face this error when the required system is unable to communicate or is inaccessible. In addition, if the surface of the disc is not clean or system restoration is not functioning, this error code can pop up. It is the HP notebook error which is disrupting the laptop functioning and can be pretty frustrating for the user.

This is the common issue faced by users while working on Windows systems in HP devices. The error arises due to faults in the boot configuration of BCD data files which is either missing or even corrupted. Fix HP Stream Notebook Error Code 0xc0000225 by approaching for expert help at HP Customer Support Number +1-800-515-9506. However, users may come across this error code due to disk write issues, power problems, boot sector virus problems or even errors are generated at the time of configuring of the BCD on manual mode. As we said that this issue is probably due to critical update in Windows system, so it really needs to be fixed on immediate request.

Possible Reasons For HP Stream Notebook Error Code Code 0xc0000225

With the HP NoteBook, you can face the following error because of the below-listed reasons:

  • The Hp notebook BIOS is unable to detect the hard drive.
  • The external hard drives can be physically damaged.
  • The Windows Master Boot Record (MBR) is located on the hard drive which is corrupted.
  • The folder of the hard drive where the MBR is located is no longer in the active mode.
  • Faulty installation of the operating system.

These were some of the common reasons for which the user can face the HP error 0xc0000225. Let us now check out the solutions to resolve this error as soon as possible.

Steps to Fix HP Stream Notebook Error Code 0xc0000225 are as follows:

 Users will be introduced with various for removing the error code explained by HP Customer Service team are as follows:

Method 1: Repair your computer device if possible

  • Insert Windows installation disc and then, restart the device.
  • Choose the suitable language settings and click “Next” to proceed ahead
  • Click on repair icon to repair your computer

Method 2: The second method deal with the installation of Windows 10

Make an attempt to install Windows 10 with the help of media creation tool by following below outlined steps:

  • Users are advised to perform an “Automatic Repair” process. When you computer restarts, wait for the manufacturer logo to appear and check whether there is an option for boot menu or not? To do this press “F12” key
  • The boot menu key may somehow differ with each manufacturer and however if you are unable to find the boot menu key, connect with your user manual.
  • Restart your computer device when the manufacturer’s logo is being displayed. Keep pressing the “Boot” option and enter into it. You can, however, change boot option to CD\DVD ROM.
  • After done with the boot process by using Windows 8 DVD, a black screen will automatically get visible with gray text. Here, press your choice key to boot from CD or DVD.
  • Make a selection of accurate time as well as keyboard type.
  • Click to choose “Repair your computer” icon which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on “troubleshooting” icon or an advanced option. Click on “Automatic repair” icon.


You Can Use This Method also to Quick Fixes For HP users

There are various steps you can try to recover your system from this error. To recover the corrupt files, you can either choose automatic repair or go for a disk check. Here is the list of some suggested solutions that you can employ to fix the 0xc0000225 error code:

  • Try to run Automatic Repair: The automatic repair tools flash while you are trying to boot the laptop. To do this, follow the steps:
  • Switch off your system.
  • Insert the external hard devices such as USB cable or flash in your system.
  • Restart the HP laptop.
  • Tap on any function key and choose the preferred language.
  • Click on the option ‘Repair your computer’ and choose the ‘Troubleshoot’ option.
  • After this, select the Advanced option.
  • Select ‘Automatic Repair’ and let the process complete.
  • Restart your laptop after total completion of the processes.
  • Choose Command prompt for solving this issue: The command prompt option is beneficial in solving error codes easily. After you run the installation disk, choose the desired language and restart your system. After this, choose Command prompt following the advanced option.
  • Rebuild the Boot Configuration data: Follow the same instructions from the above mentioned until the step where you need to click command prompt. After that you can enter these following commands:
  • Choose the command ‘bootrec/ scanos’
  • Press ‘bootrec/ fixmbr’
  • bootrec/ fixboot
  • bootrec/ rebuildbcd
  • Disable Early Launch and Faulty Malware Protection: At times, the anti-malware can trigger such error codes. Disable the early launching of malware protection to avoid the HP Stream Notebook error.

If you are finding it difficult to solve the error code yourself, please resort for technical help. It is evident that technical devices will incur errors, but if you cannot solve it after applying the method once, do not complicate the issue with more trials.  You might end up increasing the damage and invite unnecessary expenditure.

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