How To Fix HP Scanner Error Code 2019?

This is an issue which occurs with the scanner document 510 when users are trying to scan and as a result it comes up with an error 2019. While this error occurs, users won’t be able to communicate with the device at all. Before it causes any issue, we commend you to fix HP scanner error code 2019 by applying apt solution. Even after users have re-plugged all of the cables, un-install them and re-install all needed drivers, nothing would do the best.

Steps to fix HP scanner error code 2019 are as follows

Step 1: Verify for HP scanner’s power as well as connection issues

  • Verify whether your scanner is turned on or not?
  • If a “Check or Ready light on the scanner is flashing” then, tap on the “VIS1023 – Check Light Blinking on ADF Scanner” icon for more information
  • Now, have a check whether the USB cable is well connected to both the scanner as well as the computer or not?
  • It is recommended by expert HP Scanner Support technicians to check that the scanner is completely connected to the back of your computer with at-least 6 foot or shorter USB cable.

Step 2: Re detect your scanner in the device manager

  • To fix HP scanner error code 2019, just turn off the scanner and select “Run” or “Open” icon
  • In the next step, users will come across Windows Device Manager which will open
  • Go to “View” section and choose “Show Hidden Devices” option
  • Click “+” button which is visible just next to the “Imaging Devices”. This in turn will show up Imaging Devices previously installed and currently is connected to user’s computer
  • If listed, it is recommended to right-click the DocuMate 510 then, left click on “Uninstall” option
  • Users will be prompted to confirm the uninstall process by clicking “OK” icon
  • If users can find out a scanner listed more than once then, uninstall “ALL occurrences of the scanner” option
  • If an option known as “? Other Devices” in the device manager list is visible then, click “+” to easily view a list of “Other Devices” icon and move next
  • Turn On the scanner.
  • Now check whether there is “no found new hardware message”
  • Also, have a check whether the scanner is not listed in Device Manager
  • Try to plug in the scanner into a complete isolated USB port.
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