How To Fix HP Printer Toner Cartridge Not Genuine Error?

The printer will detect the above toner cartridge error because it does not see or recognize the toner cartridge’s identification such as its model, manufacturing date and serial number. Fix HP Printer toner cartridge not genuine error with our adept guidelines.

HP Printer Toner Cartridge Not Genuine Error

Steps to fix HP Printer toner cartridge not genuine error are

Step 1: The first step is to make sure the toner cartridge is a genuine HP toner cartridge because a non-HP toner cartridge will give rise to the above error code. So fix HP Printer toner cartridge not genuine error in a proper way. Here users need to repair their printer

Step 2: Now, has a check whether the HP toner cartridge is a new one or not?

Step 3: As per as HP Printer support service technicians, the HP toner cartridge will be in use and the printer will not recognize the cartridge until there are 20 pages users have printed. After users have printed 20 pages, the error message will disappears.

Step 4: If users have used the HP toner cartridge and the error message is still visible after 20 pages have been printed, the cartridge have sure out of toner. Replace the toner cartridge.

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