How To Fix HP Printer Fuser Error Code 50.4?

HP Printer Fuser Error Code 50.4

One of the main reasons for HP printer fuser failure lies in its wiring section where the wire may be no longer heating up due to worn out. For avoiding future problems, suggest to HP Printer Fuser Error Code 50.4 by applying the most effective solutions available with us. However, an average lifespan of an HP printer lies between 100,000 pages whereas the fuser may sometimes fail depending on printing conditions. The second reason which we know is due to printing errors especially if it is paper jam. Your obsolete HP LaserJet 1320 driver can also be one of the biggest causes for this error code to happen. See below what are the steps applied to help users overcome the above mentioned cause.

HP Printer Fuser Error Code 50.4

HP Printer is the favourite printing device for millions around the world. HP printers are the high-quality printing system with the new features & functionalities. The Error code 50.4 on the HP printer means that the printer’s fuser is reporting an error condition to the DC controller. The error occurs on the control panel when the fuser gets too hot or fails to correct temperature.

Causes of HP Printer Fuser Error 50.4

A 50.4 error message display on the HP printer shows that an error status is being recorded by the fuser to the DC controller. The fuse has a temperature range under which it is supposed to work. If the fuser gets too hot or fails to achieve the correct temperature, a 50.4 error will appear on the Control Panel. Only the HP Printer Support team will troubleshoot this mistake.

Steps to fix HP printer fuser error code 50.4

Step 1: Try out this temporary fix where users need to cancel all the printing queue. Now, turn off the printer and allow it to completely cool down for at-least 30 minutes.

Step 2: Turn on the printer device to continue printing whenever you are ready to do that. As suggested by HP Printer Support technicians, the error clearly warns users that the fuser needs to be replaced.

Step 3: Do ensure that you have purchased a correct fuser as well as a quality based for the printer to run in a perfect manner again.  If the issue is due to insufficient power, then, give a try to work with the low-voltage power supply. This is because most of the HP printer runs with 43 to 67Hz frequency while it may need to reconnect again.

Step 4: Turn off printer and let it cool down. As suggested by HP Printer Support technicians, unplug the power cord carefully. Reinstall the power cord and try to switch on the printer again.

Step 5: If your printer is in state of flashing interior parts error, then it is always best to have a check whether they needs a replacement or not? Interior errors will usually lead to more serious printer problems such as overheating problems.

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