How To Fix HP LaserJet M1132 Printer Error E8?

Resolve HP Printer Error Code E8

The error only signifies that there is an issue with the scanner carriage. Once carriage movement starts, the printer will automatically respond to E8 light error. We recommend users to Fix HP LaserJet M1132 Printer Error E8 with apt guidelines by connecting our HP Printer Repair Support Service team. However, there are more causes which give rise to this problem.

Due to irregularity of the software or if there is any breakage visible in the scanner motor connection then, this error happens to occur. Also, the issue may be within the motor itself where the mechanism may have over involved. Probably, all of these problems have the most effective solutions. This failure may also attribute to problems within the mechanical parts of the device.

Steps to Fix HP LaserJet M1132 Printer Error E8

Step 1: The first and the foremost step is to place HP LaserJet Pro M1132 printer over a strong area which is well-lighted and ventilated. Now, take a screw driver, a clean rag and alcohol to deal with the issue

Step 2: Open up its main printer cover as well as the smaller inner over.

Step 3: It is advised by HP LaserJet Pro Printer Support experts to unlock the ink cartridge lever and hold its handle to easily pull it out.

Step 4: To resolve HP printer error code E8, have a look on the printer roller to unclip from the holder.

Step 5: Hold the roller tightly to clean the rag damped with alcohol and allow it to dry later. This will need a thorough cleaning process to remove dust, accumulated ink as well as other substances that is coating the surface.

Step 6: Now, carefully clip the roller back to its printer holder where a correct re-installation will give a distinct click because these rollers will set into position.

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Step 7: Make a proper turn of the printer sideways and check for the jack where it is there at the back side? If so then, remove these two nuts and pull out that jack.

Step 8: Clean out the black printer roller which is just there inside and all other parts too. Now, reinstall the jack with the help of the nuts. Reinstall these ink cartridges back to lock the lever down and hold it securely.

Step 9: Close the printer carefully and power it up. If this error light is blinking then, open-up the scanner cover and look for all drive gears. Users are advised to put oil on the drive gears and then, close the scanner.

Step 10: Power-up the printer again

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Steps to Fix HP LaserJet M1132 Printer Error E8 by Dial 1-800-515-9506 to Fix HP Printer Error Code E8 and Resolve HP Laserjet PRO M1132 Error Code E8