How To fix HP Check Printer Cartridge Error Issue?

Error message on the HP printer most of the times will prevent users to print unless they are clearing the error. Fix HP check printer cartridge error issue with the help of our expert guidelines available at our end. Also, one can experience this issue due to incorrect ink cartridge, flashing cartridge light problems, a bad color cartridge. Fix the issue by replacing the cartridge easily. 

Steps to fix HP check printer cartridge error issues are

Step 1: Switch on the printer and open up the cover where the ink cartridge is located. Remove your cartridge and try to place it back in the carriage. Close the cover and switch off the printer

Step 2: Turn on the HP printer device and print a test page. Try to connect this issue and move onto the next step

Step 3: To fix HP check printer cartridge error issues, switch on the printer and try to open up the cover where the ink cartridge is situated. Remove this cartridge. Remove your cartridge with the help of clean, lint-free, dry cloth and wipe the contacts.

Step 4:  Wipe this device from the top to the bottom. Place your HP ink cartridge again in the carriage. Turn off the printer off for a minute and switch on the device. Print a test page.

Step 5: Switch on the HP Deskjet or Photosmart printer and open up the cover and then, remove both the black as well as color cartridge. Close the cover. Remove your power cord from the outlet to disconnect all cables running to the computer or a router. Wait for a minute, plug in the power cord as well as cables

Step 6: Open the cover as per HP Printer support service team where users have to install the black and color ink cartridges. Turn on the printer.

Step 7: Print your test page and if this does not work then, try to correct your problem.  Turn on the HP Officejet printer. Unplug the power cord from the back side of the printer device and wait one minute.

Step 8: Plug the printer’s power cord and press to hold the “Power” button till it switches on.

Step 9: Print the test page to check whether the problem is removed or not

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