How to Fix HP Printer Error Code OX83C0000A Message

Error Code OX83C0000A in general represents a NOS Loader App error in HP Printer. Get connected with HP Printer Customer Support Number  for instant troubleshooting solution. You need to fix HP Printer Error Code OX83C0000A to continue using your printer. This error code generally denotes a HP Printer failure which appears due to NOS Loader issue. While using factory default settings, user get “NOS Loader App” error message. Due to this error, your printer becomes unresponsive. And the code keeps on appearing on screen.

Effective Solutions to Fix HP Printer Error Code OX83C0000A

This error is not as troubling as you may think. A simple and effective solution will help you debug this error easily. Here you can have the most suitable troubleshooting solutions to get to the roots of this error. Connect with our Printer Supportto make this HP Printer error disappear.

Solution 1: Starting your printer

  • First of all, you need to turn on your printer followed by disconnecting all the power cords from the rear side of the printer.
  • Next, unplug the power cables from the wall outlet and remove all the USB Cables.
  • Now wait for at least 2-3 minutes. Press and hold the power button till then.
  • After 30 seconds, remove any kind of additional charges by plugging back the power cables back to the printer.
  • Reconnect all the power cables and USB ports back to the printer and turn on the device.
  • Leave it until it warms up.
  • And finally check for the error on the display screen

Solution 2: Alternative Solution

  • First of all, you need to unplug all the power cables from the back of the printer as well as from the computer. Make sure that your device is turned on during this process.
  • Next turn off the wireless router and wait at least for 60 seconds.
  • Now plug back all the power cables to the printer only and check for the error.
  • Now turn the wireless router on and look for the error.

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How to Fix Print Head issue HP Officejet 6830?

The HP Officejet 6830 print-head issue usually executes due to excessive ink leakage where a bottom of the printer right under where your print head is fixed may be full of ink leakage. It can further lead to dribbling issue. Well for this technical problem, a well-explained solution has been penned down by a team of HP Printer Support expert technicians to describe steps for troubleshooting HP OfficeJet Printhead issue on the go.

HP Officejet 6830 printhead issue

Steps to Fix HP Officejet 6830 Printhead issue – HP Printer Repair Service

Step 1: Changing the ink cartridge

  • Open the HP OfficeJet Print-head printer cover first to change ink cartridges.
  • Next, simply disconnect the power cord

Step 2: Removing tall screws

  • Remove all the screws that are located inside its inner top cover of your printer. Users here will be in need of either a star screw driver of the right size, or may be of a flathead screwdriver which will exactly fit all other screws.
  • Next, users are advised to gently lift off the inner top cover by putting it out where one really does not need to disconnect all the cables. Simply place it on the other side to get an easy access of the printer’s internals section.

Step 3: Handling the plastic location

  • Make a proper note of the plastic location tape’s orientation section to easily put this at straight back side exactly the way it came first. Be careful that its end section is either towards left or right side
  • Remove the tape in next tape now.

Step 4: Managing the print-head base

  • Remove all the screws immediately from print head’s base to proceed further
  • Carefully try to lift up this whole assembly with the printhead as well as its bar and tilt it upside down. Be sure not to disconnect any of the cables.

Step 5: Clean up the printhead

  • Clean up carefully the bottom of the printhead section with a lint-free wipe method.
  • Next, simply put everything in its original place and the reverse all your above instructions described.
  • Plug-in the power again.
  • Turn it on next.
  • Get access to the printer’s control panel, swipe left and then go to the “Setup / Printer Maintenance” and select “Clean Printhead” icon carefully.
  • Clean all print heads at last.

Get in touch with expert printer technicians at HP Printer Customer Support department to resolve issues at much faster rates. We are available all day long to help resolve your HP printer issues on a prompt basis.


How to Fix HP Printer Error Code e2?

Error Code e2 is a typical malfunction error in your HP Printer. It is incredibly easy to fix HP Printer Error Code e2 while restoring its functionality. This error code is actually a numeric representation to showcase miscommunication between printer and system. This error code in general appears when a user tries to print single or several documents, this error code appears.

Basically, the main cause of this error is not establishing proper communication between Computer and Printer. If the paper length of the printer does not match with the paper length of the paper, this error comes up. due to this mismatch, a printer prints first page with this error.

Beneficial Solutions to Troubleshoot HP Printer Error Code e2:

As your system bugs by this error, you might not be able to print anymore. But there is nothing to freak about. With the help of simple and easy troubleshooting steps, you can get rid of this error easier than you think. Here, you can find the most suitable steps to troubleshoot this error with less time and effort possible. Visit HP Printer Help and Support services to troubleshoot this error to its roots.

To resolve this error, you need to first cancel all the print jobs in the queue. Also, you need to change the print settings in the printing software.

  • First of all you need to Cancel the Print Jobs by pressing down the Cancel button.
  • Secondly, change the print job settings for best results.
  • Click on File menu followed by clicking on Print to open General Print Settings.
  • Next you need to click on Printer Properties, Properties or Preferences.
  • Now change the paper layout and settings for your print job.
  • Change the quality and colours for better printing results.
  • Finally click on OK followed by clicking on Print.

Apply this steps to wipe away this error from its roots and make your device smooth and running.

Dial HP Technical Support Number for More Reliable Information:

If the error recurs, connect with HP Technical Support Number +1-888-877-0901 for instant help. we are available here 24*7 to provide comprehensive support. For all HP Printer Related queries, we have a team full of expert and qualified technicians. our techies aim to deliver analyzed support to every customer related queries in minimal time possible. Hence dial the number now and get yourself assisted by professional technicians.


How To Take Screenshot On HP Computer, Laptop, Tablet?

HP is one of the most well-known brands, known for its excellent technological devices. HP  devices come with enormous features and speculations. However, some users are curious about ‘How to Screenshot on HP?. Consequently, this article gives you multiple ways to take screenshots on the HP laptops and tablets.

Screenshot on HP

Why You Can’t Take Screenshot On HP Laptops: Hardware Overlays Issue

On the Windows Operating System, screenshots of games and media players sometimes crash, appearing in a blank rectangle. It causes as the graphics are skirting the whole screen and going to a high-speed graphics processor on the graphics card by using a program called hardware overlay.

Generally, there are no ways to figure out a math figure outside the graphics card, although the software may exist for certain video cards.

Excellent Tricks: How To Screenshot On HP Device

If you need to take a shot or picture on your HP device screen and you want to save it to upload it or show to others then follow the neat tricks given below.

Trick 1: Shortcut On Keyboard

HP devices are mostly running on Windows Operating System and Windows allow you to take a screenshot or capture a picture of your screen. You need to press the PrtSn key. You can also press Fn key + PrtSn key together or hold the Win key + PrtSn key.s

If you are using Windows 7 press the PrtSn key your device takes a screenshot of your screen and save it in the Clipboard.

For the users of Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, when you press the shortcut key, then it will take a picture of the entire device of the screen. It will save on the Screenshot folder which you can find on the Pictures folder. Otherwise, you can directly search for the Screenshot folder on the Windows Search option.

This process is admittedly helpful, but you can take the full screen.

Trick 2: Screenshot On HP Tablets

HP Tablets or HP mobile device runs on the two Operating platforms, one is Windows and another one is Android. Both devices have the same method to take a screenshot. Now, press the Volume Down key and the Power key of your device.

After that, the mobile device takes a screenshot automatically and save it to the Photos Gallery section.

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Get Ultimate HP Printer Support Number +1-888-222-1488 (Toll-Free)

hp printer support

If you have any confusion regarding how to screenshot on hp laptop then, you can connect to our HP technical support team for further queries. We provide 24×7 support so that you can contact us any time. Dial our toll-free number [   ] to make an audible communication with us. You can also send reports about the issues through our email ID. Our HP Customer Support Team will ready to help you to sort out the HP issues.


Amazing Ways to Fix HP Error Code 601

Hewlett Packard is one of the biggest names in the personal computing industry. Due to the quality of their products and services, they have millions and millions of customers around the world. Although it is excellent, it can cause trouble occasionally. The HP Error Code 601 is one of the reported glitches to occur.

You can fix the issue yourself easily with the information from this article.

HP Error Code 601

Issues Behind The HP Error Code 601

The HP error code 601 is an error that can hold up the proper functioning of your HP laptop. This shows up in the form of an error message and can be very frustrating at times. What you need to know first, is that this is an issue related to the battery. There are two batteries in a laptop, one is the primary battery, the removable one. And the other is the CMOS battery, which you can find inside the laptop. The hp battery alert error code 601 is related to the primary battery. This particularly signifies that the battery storage capacity is lower than normal. To be specific, when the current storage capacity is about a quarter of what it should be, this error is likely to happen.

How To Fix The HP Error Code 601

This section contains the methods which you can carry out to fix this issue. But at the same time, be very careful while doing this to prevent adverse effects on your HP laptop.

Start Your Laptop Without Battery

Turn off your computer first, and then unplug the power supply. Once you’ve done that, go forth and take out the battery. Press and thus hold down the battery for about 20 seconds. Attach the power cable to the charging port after that and power it up. Finally, start your laptop again. The error might go away from here. But if it is still there, there are other ways also.

Perform A Battery Test

Within the System diagnostics set of functionalities in an HP laptop, there is a feature for checking the battery health. This might help fix the problem. What you got to do is first turn your PC off. After that, boot it up and press the Esc key to get to the Startup menu. Once there, hit the f2 key and thus open the ‘Battery Test’ option. From there on, you’ll find detailed on-screen instructions. Follow them to execute the process of Battery Test properly.

Re-attach Your Battery

This is the simplest way to fix this problem. You can consider going for this before any of the others. So, just shut down your computer and disconnect it from the power supply. Take out the battery and hold down on the power button for like 25 seconds. Re-attach the battery and switch it on, and see if the error message is gone.

Get A New Battery

If none of those as mentioned above methods deliver you relief, then might be your battery is damaged. So for that, you would have to get yourself a new one.

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Dial-up our HP Customer Support Number +1-888-222-1488 for Further Assistance

hp printer support

If you want to avail HP Customer service, you can get that by dialing the HP Support Number. You can call in anytime or send an email to the given email id. Or if you want to have a real-time discussion, you can use the Live Chat portal from the website.


How to Install HP Printer Setup without CD?

Epson, Canon, Inkjet, Toshiba, Dell, etc. are globally recognized brands out of which HP printer is the highest used one due to its unique features and high-quality printing. When you buy a new HP printer, you will have a printer driver installation CD which you are supposed to insert into your computer and run to install the printer driver on the system. If your printer package doesn’t contain the driver CD within it, you might have to take professionals help. You can connect with us instead to receive thorough guidance from our experts regarding HP Printer Setup without CD.

HP Printer Setup without CD

How to setup HP printer driver on your computer without the cd?

  • Find out the model number of your HP printer which is mentioned on the front or back of the device
  • Visit the HP Support Website to download the exact drivers
  • Enter your printer model number and choose your operating system to download the correct drivers
  • Connect the printer to the computer as per the package instructions
  • Go to computer’s “Start menu” and open “Control panel.”
  • Select “Printer and hardware” and click on “Add a printer.”
  • Use the recommended port to set up the printer driver
  • Select “HP printer” brand and select the model number
  • Click on “Next” to allow Wizard to install your printer

Still finding difficulties to install the HP printer driver in your computer system even after applying these steps mentioned above? Do not hesitate to connect with our experienced professionals to avail step by step guide to complete the installation of HP printer driver without a CD.

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Dial HP Customer Support Number USA ++1-888-877-0901 (toll-free):-

hp printer support

When you find out you don’t have a driver installation cd with you, dial our toll-free HP Customer Support to reach our experts and to avail proper guidance from them regarding the printer setup process.


Easy Way to Fix PCL XL Error Kernel Missing Attribute in HP Printer

Hewlett Packard, shortened as HP is an American multinational company which deals with information technology. It is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Due to its amazing product quality, it is accepted as the brand for electronic devices across the globe. It deals with various hardware and software components. HP printers are renowned for their awesome performance.

Despite the awesome performance of HP printers, users might face difficulty in using them. Problems can be minor as well as major. Kernel problem occurs if there is an issue with the printer driver. Are you unable to Fix PCL XL Error Kernel Missing Attribute in HP Printer, do not delay in contacting our experts.

PCL XL Error

Below is a list of troubleshooting steps required to resolve kernel issues

Our team consists of members who have in-depth knowledge about the printing fundamentals. Therefore we do not want you to suffer due to printing errors. PCL XL Error is a common occurrence. The techniques for resolving this issue is complicated but not impossible. Hence, follow the steps mentioned below to continue with a smooth printing session:

  • Users can easily connect their personal computer with their printer with an IEEE-1284 cable
  • Users need to disable high speed and advanced features
  • Press the menu key in the printer display
  • Press Item key from the I/O menu
  • Make sure you see Parallel High Speed=Yes
  • Press the value key
  • Press the select key
  • Press the item key
  • Again press the value key
  • Press the select key again

Update your printer driver,

  • Users need to use another printer driver
  • Remove the memory chips

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Dial our HP Support Number +1-888-222-1488 for Help

hp printer support

Users would never want to hamper their printing experience due to kernel issues. Therefore, it is mandatory for you reach us at our HP Support. Ping us today.


How to Get Rid Of HP Error 79?

HP manufactures the most compatible and user-friendly printing devices which fulfill the needs of businesses as well as individuals. HP printers are designed to provide the most amazing printing solutions. Though these printers offer exceptional performance, there are certain technical drawbacks which might affect its performance from time to time. HP Error 79 is one of the very prevalent printers which occurs due to the corrupted PostScript documents. But you can get rid of this problem from your printer by utilizing some easy hacks of the HP printer support.

HP service error 79

Causes Of HP Error 79

Once if the HP error 79 occurs in your printer; the print job of your printer might stop and prevent you from printing further. Under such circumstances, the proficient HP experts recommend breaking up the printable document into smaller segments before printing the file.

Another possible cause which can lead to HP error 79 can be the miscommunication between the printer and the spooler due to the obsolete firmware version. The error is very common with the HP LaserJet model.

Troubleshooting Phases Of HP Printer Repair Service

You will require two technical aspects to overcome this error code in your device.  Firstly, your computer should have good internet access to establish the connectivity with your printer. Secondly, there should be an active Admin Account for your computer. If these two technical aspects are there, you can continue to solve the error by following the listed below methods.

Method I

  • Turn on your HP printer. Then verify and remove the print job option from all those computers that have internet access to your printer network.
  • Next, check out the owners of each print job in the “See What’s Printing” bar. This facility is available in the network domain.
  • Now, try to sign in to each of the print job accounts and try to eliminate the same from the domain network.
  • Add the dedicated HP device name from the “Devices and Printers” list.

It is necessary to note that, the method I could provide the end solution for most printer error cases. But if the issue still persists, you can try out the next method.

Method II

  • Switch on your printer and make sure that your printer is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable.
  • Next, go to the Network icon tab from the Control Panel/screen.
  • Check out the IP address on the printer. The address is showing 192.168.XXX.XXX indicates that the printer is connected to the home network.
  • After that, move back to the home screen.
  • Tap the Settings icon. Select the Updates for your printer.
  • Then look for the available updates of the firmware application.

Finally, make sure to download and install the latest firmware version and carry out the further operations accordingly.

After the proper firmware installation, you can test print any file from your printer. If the printer refuses to print, then you should reboot the HP machine to activate all the latest printer updates fully. Also, you should ensure that the HP ink cartridge contains ink so as to print any document without a hassle.

Avail Online Remote Assistance To Fix HP Error 79

To make your HP device error free, you can avail the remote assistance from the HP Printer Support. The professionals at HP will provide the exact solution to prevent any technical failure which might affect your work. With the HP printer repair service, you can get uninterrupted services for the seamless working of the printer. The certified HP engineers have gathered years of experience in this particular field. So, there will hardly leave a room for the error to recur in your HP device.

To get time-saving technical help, contact with the HP Printer Support or send emails regarding your concern. Hence, help yourself with the latest service updates by staying in touch with the HP assistance and clear all your doubts regarding the HP error 79.


How To Resolve HP Printhead Error?

If you are an HP printer user you have probably heard or faced HP Printhead error at least once. This problem is quite common if there are issues with the ink cartridge you are using. As a result, the printing process stops abruptly or in some cases, the output is entirely different from what you expected. This can be a severe problem if you do not troubleshoot them immediately. Therefore, read this article to resolve the alert code. If the hacks do not help you, seek help from the HP customer service.  

HP printers are one of the popular printers printing supreme quality pictures at affordable rates. They are multifunctional, durable and scan the documents thoroughly before executing the process.

Image result for hp printhead error

HP Printhead Error: The Problems

HP Printhead error occurs when there is an issue with the HP ink cartridge. It does not function properly and the printing process stops temporarily. The causes vary from one printer to another. However, there are some common reasons behind the glitch. Solidified ink stuck inside the ink container is one of them.

  • You will encounter troubles if your printhead is not placed properly inside the printer.
  • There can be a hardware trouble and maybe the printer head is broken
  • Corrupt HP print driver
  • Fault in the USB cord
  • HP Printhead error will generate if you do not use authentic ink cartridge for replacing the old cartridge.
  • Dirt or moisture aid to this problem.

Other issues can crop up if you ignore the problem occurring with your HP printer. Hence, use the troubleshooting techniques to eliminate the glitch from the core. You may encounter difficulty if you are not a tech savvy. Do not worry if you get stuck up. Call HP customer service and let the technicians help you. Meanwhile, read the hacks.

Solutions To Resolve HP Printer Head Error

As the first solution, you can try to clean the printhead on your own. First, tap on the Power button and switch on the HP printer. Then uncover the HP cartridge lid and remove them carefully from the device. Try to finish this procedure a bit quickly because the moisture outside affects the printer along with the ink containers. Always use the dry cloth and avoid touching the nozzle. This nozzle must be professionally handled. Once you are done, fit the printhead accurately and close the cartridge lid.

Resetting your HP printer is another solution that might help you out of the situation. First, switch on your HP printer and detach the USB cable present behind the device. After some time, place the cord back in its place. Switch on the HP printer.

As a final resort, you can replace the old printer head with a new one. But this entails expert guidance and we recommend you it seek Hp professional help in this procedure.

Eliminate HP Printing Issues | Call HP Support Number

No matter how good your printer is, specific hurdles will always affect its performance. Take, for instance, HP printhead error. Imagine none of the methods stated here helped you, what will you do? You may come across endless apps that promise to cease your trouble but most of them are a hoax and do not work. Hence, it is better to seek expert advice. HP technical support eliminates all the printings errors for you. The HP experts understand the situation you may face when you cannot print pages that you may require at that moment.

hp printhead error

Hence, they do not waste any time when your queries drop in either through call, email or via the live chat. They respond fast and provide reliable solutions so that you can resume back to your work. HP is a name that many users like you can rely on. Therefore without further thinking, just ring the HP customer support number+1-888-877-0901 or drop an email to the mailing address. The HP representatives will get back to your problem the soonest.

Further, HP technical aid offers the live chat portal for its customers to talk to the professionals right there and resolve the hitch that’s annoying them. All of these services fall under a reasonable budget and can be availed at any time. Hence, choose any medium and enjoy ceaseless printing. The team will surely terminate the printing hitch.


How to resolve HP error 79?

HP printers are considered to be one of the best printers in the market. HP is considered worldwide among the most promising brands and hence, the customers are almost always satisfied with their products. Hence HP designed devices are used all around the world and in every field. Be it for education purpose or business purpose HP printers are in a great demand. HP printers are for homes as well as for use in small to large offices. HP has an amazing productivity and profitability hence it is in huge demand. Irrespective of the fact that HP is one of the leading brands and its printer provides brilliant services, these HP printers show up with numerous technical glitches. HP Error 79 is a major issue that the users encounter. Therefore if you are an HP printer user read this article further to resolve your issues once and for all.

Know the causes of Error 79

HP service error 79

As we all know nobody likes to face trouble amidst their working hours. Therefore when users are frequently experiencing glitches on their devices while working on it, it turns out to be pretty annoying. Therefore users seek immediate assistance. But before resolving an issue people should know about the cause or the source of the issue. Therefore, read further to know what are the reasons for the users to encounter the HP Error 79. The reasons for Error 79 are listed below-

  • Error 79 can also appear when there an improper connection of the printer with the spooler.
  • An out of date firmware can be the reason for Error 79 to appear.
  • The CPU that a formatter is using is experiencing certain hardware issues, this can also be the reason for Error 79 to occur.
  • Another reason for Error 79 can be invalid or poor data the formatter has received and has no idea as in how to respond to it.

These Error 79 is another code name for the Error 49. Both are similar to a huge extent. The Error 79 and 49 are both a firmware-based error. Basically, the Error 79 is pretty tough to detect as well the exact cause for such an issue to occur is still unknown. But mentioned here are the most possible causes of HP Error 79. The error is tough to detect but that doesn’t mean that you cannot get it straight.

Easy fixes for HP Error 79

Method 1 –

  • Firstly, Turn off the HP Printer.
  • Look for and delete the print jobs from the computers that your network printer has an access to.
  • Check who has access for each print jobs in the ‘See what’s printing’ box that is present in the domain network.
  • Delete all th accounts by logging in from the domain network.
  • Now, you have to give a bit of time to get the things settled down and then continue with the print jobs through specific accounts. After this, delete and add the Printer by selecting it from the list present in ‘Devices and Printers’.

Method 2-

  • Power on the HP printer.
  • Ensure that your printer has an internet connection or is connected to the internet through an Ethernet cable that is running from the printer to the router or the modem.
  • Click the ‘Network icon’ on the control panel.
  • Verify the IP address that is present in your printer. In case your device is showing 192.168.XXX.XXX as the IP address, this means you are having a connection of the home network, but if the IP address is something like this 169.XXX.XXX.XX then look for the guide.
  • Go back to the home screen and click the settings icon.
  • Make sure the firmware is updated to the latest version, if not update it.

The above-mentioned procedures will definitely solve your issue of Hp error 79. Because this seems to be a very annoying issue and removing such issue as early as possible is a must. But in case you are finding complications while resolving the issue you can seek assistance from the professionals. With their assistance, you might experience a better optimization of your device as well. Therefore connect to HP Customer Service for smooth and convenient guidance.  

Avail Expert Assistance for Better Functioning of your Device-


If you are unable to solve the issue of Error 79 connect to the HP Customer Service for instant services. Their services are available 24*7. The HP Customer Service provides convenient services at an affordable rate. You can contact them through  HP Printer Support. Besides this, you can also send them emails to share your problems at our official mailing address. Given the latest technological advancements, you can live chat with our proficient engineers through our live chat portal. Seeking expert help in certain cases is very important. Therefore we will help you in solving it up before its too late.